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Sintex Industries incorporated as The Bharat Vijay Mills Limited in June 1931 Established composite textile mill in Kalol, Gujrat.In the pursuit of excellence, Sintex has always relied on the support of its people–our greatest asset. Sintex has helped maximize the potential of every employee and pushed the bar of excellence. An international foothold that spans 9 countries across 4 continents around the World.

To make a positive difference in Sintex Plastics Retailers & customers life through a continuous process of challenging conventions and innovating to offer meaningful products & is helping Sintex Plastics to support his vendors,Retailers and suppliers to do better at their business with Sintex Plastics innovative range of products and solutions.With every solution we create for our customers it is our endeavor to maximize its potential in terms of quality and reach.

The Disquisition

Sintex Plastics identifies the need and was looking to accomplish the mission-

  • Want to connect his retailers and suppliers through a program.
  • Bridge the gap between Sintex Team & Retailers.
  • Transparency between Sintex Team & Retailers for current offers and sales target.
  • 24*7 Helpline number for any query related to the program running for retailers.
  • Send information on earned points every week to all retailers.
  • Promote sales programs to retailers.
  • Enhance Employees productivity,need to manage systems to handle incoming calls.

The Gage

So the challenges we faced on completing this quest were:

  • IVR: Sintex required a comprehensive customized multi level IVR Solution for multiple languages and departments.
  • SMS: Need to send Thanking sms on every incoming call with feedback related information.Also need to send dynamic sms with name and achieved points to all the retailers.
  • DATABASE: All the incoming call database requires a particular date wise,time wise,agent wise,department wise with all call recordings.
  • 24*7 Toll-Free Support: Need a number which should be active round the clock,segmented and should be answered according to working hours and non-working hours handling facilities.
  • CALL FORWARDING: Sintex is having high incoming call traffic from retailers side with multiple queries and need on call notes making facility.
  • LOG REPORT: Sintex needs a customised log report where data can be according to Departments, Language selected and agent responded etc. for every incoming call.
The Executor

After going through all the details of the challenges, our creative team suggested Hybrid solution for them. The solution was structured by 7 different types of stages. Those stages are:

  • Retailers registration confirmation via. Toll-Free and confirmation through sms alert.
  • Language,Department and Time based agent Management.
  • Retailers can get connect as per Language and department.
  • Retailers operator based Inbound outbound call generation.
  • Multi-State, multi-language IVR flow.
  • Centralised management of Cloud Database with live call notes making facility.
  • SMS API integration with real time call reports for sms alert facility.
  • Time based call routing through IF-Else condition for working and non-working hours.

This Hybrid IVR system is able to perform:

  • Customised Reporting Dashboard for call Logs.
  • Recordings of all inbound & outbound call available on GUI
  • Hybrid Telephony Solution where Agent can attend and dial call through cell-phones.
  • A Platform with API integration for sms alert and CRM integration.
  • A Platform with Live call tracking,call-transfer and mini CRM facilities.
  • Separate login for each and every agent to track daily reports.
The Value with its excellent solution building strategies and functioning was able to complete the Disquisition and we achieved followings:

  • Enjoying a user-friendly centralised platform, multiple retailers can connect to the helpline number over a single period of time.
  • With Cloud-Based solution, it’s easy to operate and handle calls, recordings and other data for all the callers according to language and state wise.
  • Multiple agents are being managed over a single platform. Cost-Effective solution for a large scale setup.
  • Able to fulfil the gap between Retailers & Sintex Team with the vision of promoting Sintex Products on higher sales graph with customer satisfaction.

Words from Client

"With the world-class toll free number features, we are now able to keep track of each call and it helps in our business very well. Thanks to and its team"

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