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Fino Payments Bank is an endeavour of an institute that is serving the country’s banking needs for over a decade. Fino truly values your hard work and understand how important it is to its customers and their families. They are continuously endeavouring to provide its customers with unmatched banking experience, through their simple products & services. These services from them can easily be accessed anytime, anywhere, and in the neighbourhood too.

Services Used

Missed Call Solution
Challenges Encountered

The need was for Missed call number with which they can manage incoming leads from different regions

Client can provide confirmation to know more about Fino services with the Missed call number. When a user gives missed call on a particular number his number should get updated with date and time details.

Solution Served

We provided them with a personalized and perfect missed call solution that allows them to return to the customer who was seeking for more information on FINO and its banking services. This was to help them take an overview of their potential customers.


This solution helped FINO in following ways

  • Lead generation
  • Lead management
  • Increase in market reach
  • Brand recognition
  • Better Sales
  • Tracking callers with detailed reports
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