Bringing All Together To Fight Corona

The whole world has been quarantined because of the spread of a deadly virus, Corona AKA COVID-19. In this pandemic time, we all have to stand together and stand strong. There are many organizations and groups who are willing to do their part in this downtime. But as everything is in lockdown, it became hard for them to help more and more people. This is where came as a bridge between needy people and helping organizations.

Major Problem

There are so many people who are affected by this Lockdown. Some are infected, some have other health issues, some are facing financial issues and others. Out there are people who are so compatible to help these people and willing to do so. But the major problem is how do they know who needs what kind of help and in what region.

As the lockdown is still in place it was hard to communicate with them by going house to house doing any survey. It is also not a good idea as it will expose helpers more to the virus.

What People Are Going Through

As the lockdown was initiated, so many people were not ready for this. People got affected in many ways, some of these people are:

  • The majorly affected people are daily wagers.
  • People with health conditions.
  • People who are keeping daily essentials running so others can stay at home.
  • People living in outskirts areas are now unable to get essential items to survive.
  • Startup with 3 or fewer years of age and its employees.
  • Private Sector employees.
  • People who can do work from home/ People with field jobs.
  • Education vertical trying to catch up with technology
  • So many students whose exams were here got cancelled.
  • Government Organizations who are trying to spread awareness.
How is Helping Other to
Do Their Parts

In the past few days, so many organizations and groups of people approached us to help them with the communication part so they can reach out to more people to keep the order in this chaos.

These are our contribution to let others contribute:
  • Helpline Numbers
  • Pune BMC is doing its best to reach out to people who are seeking help in any way. In order to do so, they asked for a virtual phone number. Pune people can make contact on this number for any help they seek. 8080809063
  • Another one for Bihar state. Bihar BJP team is using our virtual phone number service to provide all the essentials like shelter, food, medicine or other medical help to people in need in Bihar. The Call time for this is 9 AM to 10 PM. The number is 9610062010.
  • Sarv provided a Toll-Free helpline number to Bihar State to help the needy in this situation. The number is available 24x7. 18002122246.
  • Sarv also provided INC (Indian National Congress) another helpline number to let people know that they are with them in this downtime. Helpline number: 9610516069
  • SMS
  • MCL (Mahanadi Coalfields) COVID-19 Helpline: TCF-06760269528, IBCF-9438494879, MCL-HQ- 06632542214

    This number is used to report the arrival of family members/ friends/ neighbours during the last 21 days. Also, if you have any symptoms then you can dial these numbers too. MCL is also funding hospitals and sending these numbers over messages to spread awareness using Sarv SMS service.

Message to India

We all may be in lockdown, staying apart from each other but deep down we all are united and we all will come over this bad time real soon, together. So hang in there and stay safe at your home.

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