Delivering Audio Conferencing to Let People
Connect with Calvary Temple

Calvary Temple is an evangelical non-denominational Christian megachurch that is situated in Hyderabad, India. Its journey started on 5 June 2005 with only 25 believers. At present Calvary Temple has a total of 3,00,000 members. Dr P. Satish Kumar is the founder and pastor of this church.

Services Used

Audio Conferencing
The Challenge

The challenge that they brought to us was to connect 3000+ people with the spokesperson who will deliver the speech.

In addition to that, they want their listeners to be able to raise hands so that they can ask queries to the spokesperson.

Along with this, they wanted to unmute invitees and leave rest on mute and also report and record the conference.

The Solution

Our audio bridge was introduced to them to deliver a complete solution to the challenge they brought to us. Our solutions allowed them to conduct these tasks:

  • They were able to create a conference while dialling thousands of phone number simultaneously with just one click.
  • All these numbers can be uploaded via a CSV file.
  • Connect admin and conference moderator to the call so they can handle the call process.
  • To avoid echo sound, mute all listeners at once.
  • Add listeners in an ongoing conference call.
  • Press a key to raise hands and ask queries.
  • Get a brief report of the meeting along with the recording.
The Benefits

We were able to connect members of the church through audio conferencing while eliminating the hassle of handling all calls manually.

Sarv Audio Conferencing allowed them to control all their listeners from a web-based dashboard. Also, using the SIP, we enabled all of them to connect without using the internet.

Reports on these conference calls helped them to know which user was connected for how long.

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