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Cognizance, the annual technical festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee is one of the largest technical festivals in Asia. Cognizance provides a diverse pool of opportunities to college students in India by conducting over 200 events including technical exhibitions, guest lectures, international conferences, panel discussions, online events, professional workshops, robotics events, and large-scale technical, management, and policy-making events, getting participation from over 1500 technical and management colleges reaching over 300,000 students, professors, and academic community. This year Cognizance was held from 15th to 18th April 2021.

Services Used

SMS Email Marketing
Problems to be solved for Cognizance
  • Reminder and promotional emails and SMS needed for the events of Cognizance.
  • Communicating with the targeted audience via emails and SMS.
  • For connecting better with the audience in this online period where face-to-face communication was an issue owing to the pandemic scenario.
How helped us in achieving better communication
  • Immediate delivery

    As far as delivery goes, SMS and Emails are pretty quick, and it’s also efficient–taking only seconds to reach a vast audience. helped in sending quick and fast personalized messages to the audience.

  • Direct delivery

    SMS and Emails are among the most direct ways of communicating with the targeted audience in this pandemic situation when face-to-face communication is not possible.

  • Efficiency provided efficient Emails and SMS services to a large audience within a short time and hence saving our time that would have been spent in personalized campaigning.

Words of Cognizance, IIT Roorkee

"We thank for being the SMS & Email partner of Cognizance 2021 and for their collaboration in making the fest a big success.The staff was very supportive and the service was very prompt. We really appreciate all the work that Sarv did for us and are looking forward to collaborating with it in the future fests as well."

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