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We are a group of thinkers, explorers, and artists to provide a unique experience to You

Sarv Webs Pvt Ltd

Founded in 2011, Sarv proudly solves the communication problem between you and your customer. Our platform is crafted so well that everyone feels it personalized. Creativity is our theme and developing creative software is our hobby. If communication problem is revolving around your business, then Sarv is the best place for you. We love challenges and are keen to accept them.

“Client’s satisfaction was the driving force in our early days and it is the driving force today. We are a group of thinkers, explorers, and artists who are passionate to provide a unique experience to businesses, just like You.”

We Love What We Do and Produce Quality

Build Great Customer Experience With Sarv

  • Own Cloud Datacenter at Jaipur India
  • Serve 300+ MNCs(IBM, HP, Adobe)
  • Single Control Panel for all services.
  • Skilled & Dedicated Development Team
  • In-house developed applications
  • Cloud Telephony Services
  • We are a root level company
  • TollFree Customer support


If evolution has advanced from Stone Age to 21st century so as the communication mediums. Now a day, it is not easy for a company to confine its customer base. At the same time, people are using multiple communication mediums. A company cannot be selective in choosing one way to approach its customers. So, it has to opt all these mediums from various vendors. Even then it is difficult to use them efficiently due to the lack of organised reports and analysis. Vastness of these mediums has raised the need of interlinking between them. has fulfilled this purpose by developing Unified Communication Platform which helps in converging all the diversified mediums. This platform should help our customers in strengthening their organization and brand value to achieve the profitable growth in the business.

To guide our innovation for betterment and to meet the requirements of client.

To become a technology partner of our customers and overcome the pain of this domain. This makes us open for customisations.

To maintain long-term relationships with customers by being more responsible, relevant and consistently delivering values.

Future Perspective

Among 10 million species on Earth, human have the most complicated version of communication and making it more complex day by day, proudly, with the help of technology. The more options we have, the more complex it is to reach every person on time. has a vision to develop a unified platform where Homo sapiens doesn't have to worry about the means of communication.

In the world of this diversity, we want to be a language to help organisations to communicate with their clients. With our dedicated and skilled team, we are on the way to make this dream a reality. We want to see our organization standing among innovators with a contribution.

Why People Choose Us (The Unified Experience)

In-house self-controlled development process provides direct support
to customers without any delay.

  • A single place for users to make all service requests.
  • Easy to use. No complications. Less stress.
  • Save your time and money.
  • Real-time analysis of performance.
  • Know the status of all your services at a glance.
  • White-label and powerful cloud platform.
  • World-class customer care to help you with anything you need 24/7/365 days.
  • Our marketing software won 2016 Great User Experience Award and 2016 Rising Star Award.
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